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We base our courses and training on ISO Standards 18434-1:2008, 18436-7:2014 and AAT Veterinary Infrared Thermography Guidelines to teach the Level 1 Equine Thermography Certification. The Infrared Science Module is taken from TCL Level 1 Thermography Certifcate Course which is pending accreditation from BINDT (British Institute for Non Destructive Testing)

These standards were drawn from both fields of expertise: Equine and Thermographic.

ISO 18434-1:2008 and 18436-7:2014 from the infrared science industry and 'Guidelines for Veterinary Infrared Thermography' based on standards and protocols laid down by Dr Tracy Turner DVM, MS, James Waldsmith DVM and other veterinary researchers over the last 30 years. These veterinary standards have been recognised and approved by The American Academy of Thermology (AAT).

The BINDT (British Institute for Non-Destructive Testing) set standards and examinations for industry thermographers. The ETTC is accredited to The International Equine Thermography Association (IETA) who hold the register of Level 1 Equine Thermography Certified thermographers.

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