Aims & Objectives


Our aim is to train students to the highest standard in order to raise the standards and profile of Equine Thermography. Giving confidence to horse owners and vets knowing that if they use the services of a Level 1 Certified Equine Thermographer they are using someone who has been trained to exacting standards.

We train students based on ISO 18434-1:2008, 18436-7:2014 standards and AAT Veterinary Infrared Thermography Guidelines.

Thermography is unregulated, for almost all thermographic work whether building or equine, anybody can get a camera and take an image or two. This is not beneficial to the industry as there is great deal of skill and knowledge required to prepare, take and capture good images, handle the camera properly and gather associated environmental and technical information, interpret the infrared image and report based on the images and supporting data. For those reasons quality training is critical as well as a verifiable track record of relevant experience.


Our Accredited courses prepare the student for qualification as a Certified Equine Thermographer. You will learn about equine anatomy and physiology as pertaining to thermography, the basics of infrared science, how to operate the camera hardware and software, how to carry out an equine scan in the field and identify potential error sources following written guidelines and to report the results of this scan. This is the only course that teaches you how to interpret images.

At The ETTC we are here not just to train you but to help you be the best and support you even after your training, when you are a certified Equine Thermographer.