One-Day Introduction to Equine Thermography

The Introduction Course gives an insight into Equine Thermography, briefly covering history, infrared science, equine scanning and camera suitability. It is designed to give the attendee a flavour of Equine Thermography, why correct training and camera selection is so important, helping them decide if Equine Thermography is for them.

Category 1 Equine Thermography

This is an intense 5 day course covering Modules One, Two and Three.

Category 1

Level 1 Equine Thermography Certification

The Level 1 Certificate Course was the main reason for forming the Equine Thermography Training Centre. It is made up of four separate modules, taken over a maximum 12 month period, it gives the student a solid foundation to practise Equine Thermography. This is the only course available that teaches you how to interpret your images.


Module One - Equine Anatomy and Physiology

Module Two - Infrared Science

Module Three - Equine Thermography

Module Four - Advanced Techniques & Examination

The Course has been designed so that it is delivered to suit the current professional qualifications of the student.

Students holding a recognised qualification in and currently practising either Equine Massage Therapy, (ITEC, ICAT) Equine Veterinary Nurse (EVN) Equine Veterinary Surgeon (MRCVS) or overseas equivalent (DVM etc) take Module Two, Module Three and Module Four.

Students holding a Level I, II or III Thermography Certificate and practising Thermography take Module One, Module Three and Module Four.

Students without any of the above qualifications are required to take Modules One, Two, Three and Four.

The Modules may be taken concurrently or at separate times depending on the Course Annual Timetable, however Module Four - the final examination, must be taken within one year of enrolling.

All students undertake the same case studies, research project and theory examination based on all the four modules.

Bespoke training can also be arranged if you are unable to attend on the published dates.

Overseas Students

If you are from outside the UK we understand attending all four modules at separate times might not be practical. In these circumstances we suggest attending Equine Anatomy & Physiology and ITC Infrared Training courses in your own country. In possession of these qualifications it will be possible for you to attend Modules Three and Four in a single five day block.

We do not offer this course online. Equine Thermography has to be carried out in a precise manner following strict guidelines; training for this is best done in an actual classroom where we can help and guide you rather than in a virtual world where mistakes can often go unnoticed.

Please email for further information or if you have any questions.

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